Andasibe-Mantadia National Park is a protected area consisting mainly of primary forests in the eastern part of Madagascar, created in 1989. It has large populations of lemurs, such as Indri indri indri.

Mantadia Andasibe National Park

Located 140 km from the Tanzanian capital, Mantadia Andasibe or Péronet National Park is one of the most visited parks in Madagascar. Composed of two protected areas, namely Mantadia National Park covering an area of 15,500 ha and Analamazaotra Special Reserve also called Perinet (810 ha), this complex offers visitors many points of interest.


The flora consists of eucalyptus plantations and primary forest. Many trails have been laid out. This well-designed reserve includes a small informal museum, a crocodile lake, various species of reptiles and amphibians, several endemic plants, a superb aviary and above all a “mini-park” for lemurs including several islets where various species of these prosimians can be seen. We travel by canoe from islet to islet, to get close to the partially tamed specimens of the park. An unforgettable encounter even for the most sceptical.